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Facilitation, Mediation and Coaching

Louise Robb (Lou) and her team have global work experience which we are committed to using locally to facilitate you through the ‘not so easy problems’ we have as individuals and as groups in organisations. With a unique blend of team facilitation, coaching and mediation, we will guide you in good faith, with compassion and challenge in equal measure.

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Louise’s approach has “opened my eyes” in terms of impactful teams, dynamics, behaviour and leadership. She has a unique and thoughtful way of exploring, challenging and coaching groups towards a path of high performing teams.
— Linzie Forrester, Wood plc
I can truthfully say that I find her quiet confidence, her obvious passion for her subject and her generosity of spirit in sharing her experience and expertise both refreshing and inspirational – and I don’t use that word lightly.
— Liz Tayfun, Geneva Chapter, IAF

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