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The skills of a facilitator, mediator and coach are woven into the family of Organisational Development work. Our ethic is to build people’s skills in how we bring about changes in our organisations, to work with the natural flow of things.

coaching outdoors with Lou Robb

We are based in beautiful Fife, Scotland. We offer to work online, at our venue or at any location of your choice.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we would offer to work with you online – something in which we already have many years’ experience.

In less challenging times, we would offer to work with you here at our Largo Centre, or otherwise invite you to select a suitable venue for your purpose from one of the many other world-class venues in Fife, Scotland, or at any global location of your choice.

Facilitation in all weathers

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When we work in balance with our people, our organisation and all that we need to thrive on our planet, our problems can be solved.

We believe we’re all a work-in-progress, and we need everyone involved to build resilience in our workplaces and communities.

Lou and her team have global work experience which we are committed to using locally to facilitate you through the ‘not so easy problems’ we have as individuals and as groups in organisations. With a unique blend of team facilitation, coaching and mediation, we will guide you in good faith, with compassion and challenge in equal measure.

Our ethos & expertise

We believe it will need us all to innovate our way out of this with peace, compassion, and a place for everyone. To ensure we don’t pit one group against another as more or less important. We’ve not got time for this anymore.

We must make sure we include everyone, because everyone has value, and everyone matters. In that everyone, I mean our planet too. There are consequences to every action we take. Being able to take decisions with some insight. That’s where people with our skills come in. We’re here to use our skill but also teach our skill, so that those conversations from the tiny to the massive happen in a way that does not create further destruction of either people or our planet. These skills are only a tiny piece in the jigsaw puzzle of what’s required in this world, I know.

The pathways and answers to the big gnarly questions that we have about how we want to live on this planet, so we still have a planet, are difficult. I believe those answers are out there, not in one person with one solution or one silver bullet. They are in us getting together in community groups, organisational groups, local government, national government, and international organisations where conversations facilitated well will draw out the quiet ones, the noisy ones, the ones with deeply held thoughtful ideas. That’s where the work lies right now, no matter how big or small, these conversations matter. We’re here and available to help you put your ideas into “active plans” for good.

Our team

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