Natural Way Coaching, what is it?

At the Natural Way we see the skills of a coach are part of the family of Organisational Development work. Our coaching ethic is to work in good faith, to build a confidential relationship with you, helping to work through challenges with confidence and compassion, to work more often with the natural flow of things.

We have twenty years’ experience coaching in the strategic, psychological, human relationships, embodiment, sport and nervous system fields. We believe this work is about integration, bringing you together and in connection with others again. Whether it’s work, life or sport challenges, we are here to support you.

natural way coaching with Louise Robb
Louise came to deliver a session to our University Tennis players who were looking for help and strategies to allow them to play more freely and with less stress. Louise’s style of presentation was perfectly pitched for those who attended. She brought out plenty of honest self-reflection from the students and encouraged them to all contribute in their own way.
— Mike Aitken, University of St Andrews
I have known Louise for over 10 years where she has supported me with both personal coaching and providing development support to creating high-performing teams. Her nurturing approach seeks to build on strengths to get the best from individuals, and she provides challenge and development by creating a safe and trusting environment. She is one of our team and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!
— Nina Schofield, Wood

What types of coaching do we do?

  • Personal coaching – this is where people attend and pay themselves.
  • Business coaching – where individuals come with a work-related challenge.
  • Executive Coaching – where a senior leader requests a series of sessions to work on a bigger challenge they have in the work context.
  • Team Coaching – where a whole or part of the team wish to work on something important to solve with a solution we design together.
  • Sports coaching for individuals – working with the body and mind, building resilience in high stakes situations.
  • Sports team – coaching a team to perform better together.
  • Supervision for facilitators – support with session planning and creativity tools. The human dimensions of understanding group dynamics and our own reactions to challenges.


In our initial session we will look to build an agreement on where and when we meet and the costs of the work together. I have a variety of rates and will work to make it affordable for you or your organisation.

During this session we can explore the issues and challenges you would like to explore, and, our sessions may grow into other areas, that is ok too.

We arrive loaded with a lot of material that pre-determines the kind of life we’ll lead. Understanding ourselves better, can write a different script. We can choose to become agents of our own lives.
— © Richard Holloway, 2020. Extracts from Stories We Tell Ourselves: Making Meaning in a Meaningless Universe, reproduced by permission of Canongate Books Ltd

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