Safe by Nature

Making it safe, to be safe.

Safe by Nature© is the world’s first polyvagal led Human Performance Safety Programme. Underpinned by robust science we combine psychology and physical learning to develop participants’ understanding of their instinctive judgement calls.

In a supported environment we coach them through their physical reactions to stress, anxiety and perceived threats, teaching them to Notice, Name and Regulate their responses.

We build on this to create a psychologically safe learning space, which participants learn to recreate in their own working environment.

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Programme delivery

We have developed Safe by Nature© with a tiered approach, making it scalable and deployable across your whole business.

We make use of learning technologies to enhance the experience, whilst staying true to a human-centric environment. Safety is something humans experience, not something they observe.

  • Leadership: Residential, 3-day immersive learning.
  • Supervision: Off-site 2 day experiential learning.
  • Workforce: Short induction-friendly package of desktop or classroom learning.
  • Facilitators: Create a sustainable programme with internal facilitators. Comprehensive reference material, in depth training and on-going support.

Programme development

Our team of experts can support you from the initial idea stage, through programme development and delivery right up to the essential follow-through discussions and reporting.

We tailor our Safe by Nature© interventions to meet your specific organisational cultural needs. (Using Cultural ladder technology©.)

While each job is unique, a typical project might include the following stages:

  • Scoping the programme
  • Planning the work
  • Agenda development
  • Selection of tools and systems
  • Programme delivery
  • Follow-up reporting
Ever found your heart racing when you wish it wasn’t? Your (Autonomic) Nervous system constantly SENDS and SEARCHES for cues of safety or danger. It reacts to perceived threats 30,000 times faster than our brain. This is why we train the body, not just the mind, because the body always wins.
— Safe by Nature©

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