Developing great trainers/facilitators

Our skills lab process

What can large organisations do when they need to develop thousands of managers globally?

Grow a community of skilled in-house trainers/facilitators committed to the learning and development of their colleagues. This means people who can embody facilitation and learning, becoming role models for their work family.

Picture the scene…

A global organisation committed to developing its managers’ professional abilities no matter the function, client or business stream; and with upwards of 400 businesses running client projects and scattered everywhere.

A small chunk of the brief from our client:

“How can we develop our in-house trainers to be true innovators of learning and development, encouraging all our people to ultimately take charge of their own learning and development with support and guidance?”

Why might we need these skills now more than ever?

  • Because a business can be transformed by enhancing the skills required to manage meetings, and groups of innovators who need to come up with answers to intractable problems, whilst at the same time learning to be active followers who can build on others’ ideas rather than unintentionally being “social loafers”.
  • Because teams and groups don’t always add up to “more”. So creating conditions for candour is key to creatively solving our supposedly intractable problems.

Together, we covered:

  • Preparation, purpose and learning outcomes.
  • The tools and models for running engaging sessions.
  • The people factors, equal voice and group dynamics, when running meetings or facilitating workshops – reading the room.
  • Integrating all our skills, tools and experience into a unique model of how we train and facilitate; we all have our own unique way; and the importance of flex for the group.

Our skills lab process

Going forward and through the challenging times we have ahead, the participants have started their journey of integration, and “showing up”.

The challenge now is to practice to “occupy the ground” and to move to “affecting the field”.

What did our participants say?

“Louise Robb is truly a role model as a facilitator, the wealth of knowledge she brings is amazing but what really struck me was her style… Louise is very calm and warm and you can ‘feel’ that she cares about her attendees through her style of talking, encouraging, praise and listening. When they say, create a safe environment – I now have seen what this looks like. Louise was able to ensure that no input was missed, that all responses were acknowledged and welcomed in a polite and inviting manner and there was no shame. She brought fun, humour, patience but still ensured that learning was happening. It gave me the strength to want to pursue my ambition… so directly she has supported my learning but indirectly she has supported my personal ambition – so a big thank you to Louise.”

“I’ve been absolutely blown away by the design of the amazing suite of leadership development workshops, as well as the expert facilitation and delivery of Louise Robb.”

Download the full case study as a pdf