We facilitate and build people’s skills to enable change.

The skills of a facilitator are part of the family of Organisational Development work. When we work in balance with our people, our organisation and all that we need to thrive on our planet, problems can be solved.

Lou and her team have global work experience which we are committed to using locally to guide you through the ‘not so easy problems’ we have as individuals and as organisations with a unique blend of team facilitation, coaching and mediation. We will guide you in good faith, with compassion and challenge in equal measure.

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Key questions about facilitation

You might use a facilitator (or indeed facilitators) in any situation where a group needs to discuss a topic or set of circumstances in such a way that we require them to develop a solution, resolution or a way forward.

The job of the facilitator is to work with the programme leader to design a programme of work which will give the group the space, time, support and methods to unearth the “real stuff” and move the work forward.
Here at The Natural Way, we begin the work with you, the client, by designing a unique process which is appropriate for your situation and needs. Next, the facilitator or facilitators work over the course of the programme to apply and manage the process, allowing the participants to focus on the content.

The facilitation process that we design together serves as a “container” and safe environment where the discussion and working through of the issues can take place. Throughout the process, the participants “own” the content, taking responsibility for the subject. The facilitator will also work with delegates to create the process and systems that will shape working behaviours throughout the programme.

The facilitator maintains a neutral stance at all times, but is also responsible for noticing how the discussion is progressing. He or she might reflect content back to the group in order to help the work move forward. This approach ensures that we free delegates up to concentrate on creating their own contribution.

Our facilitation team can support you from the initial idea stage, through programme development and delivery right up to the essential follow-through discussions and reporting.

While each job is unique, a typical project might include the following stages:

  • Scoping the programme
  • Planning the work
  • Agenda development
  • Selection of tools and systems
  • Programme delivery
  • Follow-up reporting

We tailor our facilitation services to meet your specific situation and needs.

When complexity is present, and it nearly always is, we take time to understand the issues at the outset, before the group moves on to resolve the issues or take action.

One of the best facilitators I’ve had the privilege of working with.
— Andy Ewens, Amec
Louise is someone who continually seeks to develop herself, and who works at a much deeper level than many facilitators. She is naturally intuitive and deeply aware of her participants as individuals with specific needs, and speaks to those.
— Liz Tayfun, Geneva Chapter, IAF

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