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“Organisational Development (OD) is about transferring knowledge and skill. In short, it is concerned that the client’s system learns.” Chris Worley (2005, Personal Communication)

From an OD perspective. There is no definitive cookbook. It is a comprehensive systemic approach to planned change. Transformational change is the most complex and challenging change facing today’s organisations of any size. It requires a radical shift from one state of being to another, so significant it requires a shift of culture, behaviours, and mindset to implement successfully and sustain. Just in time for the next transformation!

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organisational development

Our Approach

At the Natural Way, our approach is to recognise there is a natural flow of change and it begins for people at the body level. The body is the first thing to react to change that feels safe of not, it’s visceral. OD has not recognised this in its traditional theory and methods. We do!

We work with these paradigm shifts on one of our Human Development Programmes called Safe by Nature ©. This Polyvagal informed programme works with the human ability to grow self-awareness, which is key to any change in behaviours, values and culture.

One of the best facilitators I’ve had the privilege of working with.
— Andy Ewens, Woods
Louise is someone who continually seeks to develop herself, and who works at a much deeper level than many trainers. She is naturally intuitive and deeply aware of her participants as individuals with specific needs, and speaks to those.
— Liz Tayfun, Geneva Chapter, IAF

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