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At the Natural Way – People development means leadership development of all.

At any level in an organisation to have the agility to lead, challenge, add perspective and build on other’s ideas is gold dust.

In a way, people don’t change. What they do is add to their ability to make conscious choices that are better for them, that add to their behavioural toolbox and they become more agile at choosing the right tool for the people and situation in hand.

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Our tailored programme

Each human is unique, they may share traits with others. Each person has a natural way they like to learn and grow. We each have life experiences that make us even more unique, yet we in organisation try to pigeonhole people in to job descriptions, tight teams, business units and so on. We believe all this distilling loses so much of the natural unique qualities that may never get the chance to emerge in the workplace. What a shame!

Our leadership programmes aim to unlock what is unseen, grow, share and appreciate. That must be better for finding our way out of the intractable problems we face at all levels on our organisations and today. We root them in connecting people back to nature and our local environment, with each other and their unique purpose.

We have been collaborating, designing and delivery programmes globally for 20 years. We don’t have all the answers, but we believe we can work with you to build the unique learning programmes your people need.

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One of the best facilitators I’ve had the privilege of working with.
— Andy Ewens, Amec
Louise is someone who continually seeks to develop herself, and who works at a much deeper level than many trainers. She is naturally intuitive and deeply aware of her participants as individuals with specific needs, and speaks to those.
— Liz Tayfun, Geneva Chapter, IAF

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