“Raasay” the T5 van – Our mobile unit

coaching outdoors with Lou Robb

As a result of the three existential crises of the Financial Crash of 2008/2014, the Environmental crisis and the Covid-19, the business environment we have operated within has changed out of all recognition.  The Oil and Gas industry is in decline being rapidly replaced by the renewables sector here in Scotland and beyond.  International business travel is no longer supported for both employees and consultancy staff, nor is this viable as a long-term option for the planet.  Covid-19 has brought the whole world to a standstill meaning people can no longer meet face to face to resolve challenges or learn together.  These areas were our main work.  

I had already contracted the business back to the confines of the UK, but it looks like that may need to be confined to much closer to the Fife base.  I have the tech in the office to cope with the online demand. With full supported use of Zoom and Teams platforms.  I also installed Fibre Broadband at 150mg in January 2020, so have a fully functional virtual office and until end March 2020 was delivering work where possible on the online platforms. 

The development still required is how to bring people together through what might be years of difficulties, in a more face to face environment to develop teams and how they work together, solve intractable problems, and learn new skills together, that can’t be done in the online environment.

So “Raasay” the van came into being January 2021

To create conditions for working differently going forward. Coaching individuals, groups and community organisations in a semi-outdoor environment.  Better for health and wellbeing.

I converted my current work vehicle to a mobile office, which can accommodate an Awning and extended Gazebo, which will allow small groups to meet in a more outdoor environment, fully supported, with handwashing and toilets.  It will also allow me to not have to live in hotels or public spaces while working away from home. Reducing risks of transmission and keeping travel and subsistence costs for clients to a minimum.

Finding places with an open but sheltered environment in Scotland as safe venues.

Examples of where we can base ourselves.



Stay, learn, eat, lots of space. -Inchure/Abernyte. (Between Dundee and Perth)

To lead the conversion of the work I do into the outdoors as much as possible.  More able to do in rural or semi-rural open space, and, in urban spaces.  

  • Community groups across Scotland, (New opportunity of teaching and facilitating community groups, mediation)
  • One to one coaching (Which I had begun to do in the outdoors before Covid)
  • Group meetings, facilitation. mediation, learning and development and OD. 
  • Client meetings at my mobile office-instead of in their offices which will be closed to me and the team for some time to come.