Workplace Mediation

With all our world in mind

Louise and some of the team are qualified mediators and in our experience, mediation is an integrative blend of psychological, facilitative and coaching skills uniquely drawn on to match what’s needed in your organisation. No two mediations are the same, they don’t fit neatly into boxes. We know stuck conflict can arise for many reasons, especially during heightened anxiety times. Restoring our mental health and wellbeing through resolving conflict as soon as possible is crucial.

online mediation with Lou Robb

What we do

We will use confidentiality, compassion and respect, so that you feel valued, heard and can find a way forward for your people in your organisation.

Ask us to make time to hear your situations in a no-obligation conversation and explore what we could achieve together. Sometimes it’s just one of us, or a small team.

This work although best done face to face can be successfully negotiated using online platforms, we have had good successes over the last 18 months.

One of the best facilitators I’ve had the privilege of working with.
— Andy Ewens, Amec
Louise is someone who continually seeks to develop herself, and who works at a much deeper level than many trainers. She is naturally intuitive and deeply aware of her participants as individuals with specific needs, and speaks to those.
— Liz Tayfun, Geneva Chapter, IAF

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